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Day-trip destinations& attractions around Hotel Witt

Lots to see. Lots to experience. Our tips for trips in and around the region

Holiday enjoyment in summer in Hotel Witt has many facets. Savour the freedom in the mountains to the fullest and explore the multifaceted attractions and popular day-trip destinations nearby. Cultural impressions, impressive natural sites and interesting experiences are just waiting to be discovered.

Breathtaking nature experiences

The alpine world around Hotel Witt has plenty to offer. Visit popular locations and sites amidst the idyllic nature. Here, there is plenty to see and even more to experience.

The highest summit in Germany – Zugspitze

An emotional high awaits you on Zugspitze at 2,962m. In just 10 minutes, the cable car will take you up to the summit from Ehrwald to not only the highest mountain of the Zugspitz Arena, but also in all of Germany. Here you will enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain peaks of four countries. An unforgettable sight, which on clear days offers unobstructed views of up to 400 summits.

Spectacular sight with flight – Highline 179

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world in Tibet style combines history and innovation. Hovering lightness at 140 m up can be experienced when crossing the 406 m long suspension bridge. Surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery, the suspension bridge links Ehrenberg Castle ruins with Fort Claudia. Pure adrenaline and 360° panoramic views make a visit to the Highline 179 an unforgettable holiday memory.

Impressive natural spectacle at Tirol’s biggest waterfall – Stuibenfall Umhausen

The intoxicating view of Tirol’s biggest waterfall with an impressive drop of 159 m makes you forget your everyday worries real fast. Hear the overwhelming roar and feel the refreshing mist in your face. Walk from one viewing platform to the next along 700 steps, to take in this impressive natural spectacle one level at a time.

Fabulous fairytale castles

Feel like a prince or princess for a day and be enchanted on a visit to these wonderful castles.

Neuschwanstein Castle & Hohenschwangau

Distance: ca. 40 km

Neuschwanstein Castle is among the most visited castles and fortresses in all of Europe. The idyllic location amidst the mountain nature makes “the castle of the fairytale king” a particularly attractive destination. It was built in 1869 by King Ludwig II. Once intended as a hideaway for the former ruler, the impressive structure is now a true crowd puller.

Hohenschwangau Castle, previously known as Schwanstein Castle on the opposite side, also attracts numerous visitors. As a romantic summer and hunting château, it once served the Bavarian royal family as a holiday residence. Young Ludwig II. also spent his childhood here.

Linderhof Castle

Distance ca. 40 km

Linderhof Castle was also built by Bavarian “fairytale king” Ludwig II. In the municipality of Ettal. The picturesque castle, extensive gardens and fountains with water features are worth a visit!

Varied city excursions

Those looking for some change from the peaceful, relaxing mountain summer when on holidays in Hotel Witt, can set off on a day trip to one of the surrounding cities. Take in the city vibes, go on a leisurely stroll or a shopping expedition – here there is always something going on!


Distance ca. 85 km

Always worth a trip is the Tirolean state capital with its famous landmark, the Golden Roof. Numerous museums, nice restaurants and shopping options await you on your visit to Innsbruck. The historic old quarter with its colourful houses, architectural highlights such as the ski-jumping hill at Bergisel, Hungerburgbahn hybrid funicular railway, designed by star architect Zaha Hadid – here you’ll discover the diversity of the city in the heart of the Alps.


Distance ca. 130 km

The Bavarian state capital is a popular destination at any time of year. The town hall with the world-famous clocktower figurines, Frauenkirche Church or Hofbräuhaus beer hall, are just some of the most famous attractions. The Allianz Arena or the BMW Welt are true crowd pullers. And Munich is also the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a full day’s shopping.


Distance ca. 40 km

Germany’s No. 1 skiing resort has plenty to offer: lots of nature, loss of culture and plenty of heart. The pedestrian zone of the Bavarian Olympic city is perfect for strolling and shopping. The big ski-jumping hill, known for its traditional Four Hills Tournament, is always worth a side trip.

Cultural highlights

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Distance ca. 105 km

Hypnotic, mystical, unique – The crowd puller in Wattens, not far from Innsbruck, fascinates with the beauty and magic of sparkling crystals. A unique place of fantasy and brilliant outlooks. Here you’ll find contemporary art as well as ancient history. The interactive world with 17 sparkling cabinets of wonder in the giant houses fabulous treasures and wonders.

Ludwig’s Festival Hall

Distance ca. 30 km

Just over an hour away by car, you’ll find the festival hall in Füssen. The popular attraction by the lake shore serves as a venue for numerous musical and cultural events: musicals, concerts, theatre performances, operas and events of all kinds.

Ötzi Village Umhausen

Distance ca. 70 km

In the Ötzi Village in Umhausen you’ll walk in the footsteps of Ötzi, the man in the ice. How did humans live at the time of Ötzi, some 5000 years ago? The archaeological outdoor park allows visitors a vivid insight into the Neolithic Age.

Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble

Distance ca. 20 km

Immerse yourself into an era long bygone, and experience the exciting world of knights and damsels in the Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble at Reutte. The castle ruins combine historic ensemble with state-of-the-art technology. What was once a mighty defensive fortification, administrative centre and customs station, is now known as Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble and combines the four fortress sections of the castle ruins.

Ettal Monastery

Distance ca. 50 km

Another popular attraction in Bavaria is the traditional Ettal Monastery, founded back in 1330. Visit the elaborately adorned basilica, the monastery library with historic treasures and the sprawling monastery complex on a guided tour. You’ll also get insights into monastic life today and can sample products from the own workshops in the monastery shop.

We look forward to your visit!