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Garden & Panorama

Some shade, lots of sun & plenty of space to relax – Our little garden paradise in the heart of the mountains

Here you can take some time out in a natural setting and immerse yourself into the freedom of pristine nature. In our Alpine-green wellness oasis you’ll find a haven to relax and recharge your batteries. Breathe in the crystal-clear mountain air, soak up the sun and the freedom of the mountains on a lounger. Take in the sweeping views and let the mind come to rest.

Feel the freedom of the alpine world with all your senses

While you relax by the side of our little pond arrangement and leave all your everyday worries behind, a picturesque mountain backdrop extends before your eyes. The fabulous unobstructed panoramic view of Berwanger Valley and Zugspitze Mountain are a special highlight of our wellness oasis. Here you’ll become one with your surroundings and find new vitality in the simplicity and tranquillity of nature, which make this place unique.

Feel the freedom of the alpine world with all your senses

Stretch your legs in our garden of joy and take in the Tirolean alpine world with all your senses: breathe in the fresh alpine breeze, listen to the buzzing of the bees, marvel at the bright colours of the plants. Take in the fragrance of the forest and flowers, literally taste the fragrant breeze from the herb garden on your tongue. Here you’ll feel full of joy and freedom, just like nature before your eyes.

Herb garden

Walk along the barefoot trail through our herb garden and discover which plants and bushes grow and thrive here. We tend to our little garden kingdom with much love. You can taste this care and attention in the herbs and ingredients we use to create our tasty home-made dishes..

We look forward to your visit!