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Enjoyable evenings in Witti’s Bar

Good drinks, relaxed conversation, pleasant ambience

Wrap up the day on a suitable note in a casual atmosphere with a cozy ambience in Witti’s Bar. Together with friends, your sweetheart, or simply to unwind by yourself, here you’ll feel at ease right away. With good conversation among like-minded people you’ll find that time flies. Witti’s Bar attracts not only hotel guests, but also locals. Everyone likes popping in here!

Fruity cocktails & select wine

If you’re in the mood for a not so strong thirst-quencher, then sample a tasty home-made cocktail. To spice up your evening with something fancier, take a look at our extensive wine list. From light Riesling to smooth Merlot all the way to sparkling bubbly – here you’ll find a wide selection, making every evening a true pleasure.

Beer enjoyment that unites

Sample a delicious Starkenberger beer made locally in Witti’s Bar. You can literally taste the Tirolean mountains in every sip. From mild and fizzy to dark and tangy – taste your way through the wide range of flavours and aromas of our local beer.

Fine spirits for strong connoisseurs

Recall the day’s events with a glass of good whiskey or refreshing gin tonic in Witti’s Bar. Our hotel bar with an excellent selection of whiskey, cognac, gin and all types of spirits and liqueurs also attracts locals.

We look forward to your visit!