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Fresh mountain herbs, wild kitchen helpers & relaxing aromas

Mountains& herbs to enjoy from head to toe in Hotel Witt

Plants and spices from the own garden give our delicious dishes a special flavour. These are processed not only into culinary delights, but also into “little helpers” with healing effect. In a soothing herbal bath the alpine plants make for a fragrant treatment from the mountains. Massages with aromatising oils and essences let you feel the power of the Alps all over your body.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort blooms in sunny yellow from June to September in our herb garden. In form of oil, this mood booster is effective against inflammation.


Arnica can work wonders for wound healing and against sprains. Among those in the know, the herb is also known as “mountain arnica”.


This magical plant literally bristles with nutrients and minerals. And the leaves of the nettle can be cooked to make a great pesto, soup or spinach.


The superfood straight from the mountains. Blueberries are not just super tasty, but also have an antibacterial effect and boost the immune system.


Known as a natural sedative, valerian drops are effective not only against sleeping disorders, but also against stress and nervousness.


This all-rounder is the “master of all healing herbs” and helps against various ailments such as digestive problems, cough or even fever.


Also known as wild marjoram, it gives a special kick to dishes as a spice. Drunk as tea or in an herb pillow, it is said to have a soothing, pain-relieving effect.


Raw, cranberries taste quite bitter, but stewed or as a side dish with Viennese schnitzel they taste all the more delicious. These red vitamin bombs also help with bladder problems.

Alpine herbal salt

The salt contains the aromas and fragrances of an alpine meadow. A relatively short vegetation period gives the herb its very intense flavour. This tasty herbal salt mix gives that final kick to every dish: salad, vegetables, fish, rice, noodle and meat dishes.

Quality-products from Berwanger Valley

In Hotel Witt, the processing of regional products always takes centre stage. Up here at 1,331 m, not only aromatic herbs and spices grow and thrive. The Alpine region has plenty more to offer. Delicious produce of the highest quality from the surroundings make your stay an unforgettable gourmet holiday in the Tirolean mountains.

Sweet temptation from the Alps

The bees in the mountains are true pleasure providers. Not only its long shelf life, but also the great versatility and unique taste nuances make alpine honey a must-have in every alpine kitchen. From mild honey from alpine flowers with a floral-sweet taste and creamy texture all the way to strong alpine honey from the forests of dark colour. The diversity of the mountains is also reflected in the honey.

Also noteworthy: both blossom and wild honey from the Alps are excellent energy providers. The natural dextrose content ensures an energy kick during sports.

Fruit in top form

Home-made jam with a fancy touch

Jam from the mountains is a true delicacy with a wide range of uses and can be enjoyed in many a different way. For a fruity and cheerful start to your day as a spread on the morning bread, as jam in tasty cakes, as a sweet filling for yeast dumplings or with tasty pancakes. The fruit processed in our jams can be enjoyed in many a different way yet all have one thing in common: They carry the unmistakable flavour of the Alps in the.

We look forward to your visit!