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01 – Welcome

Fine Wine – enjoy wine in Hotel Witt

Rich red wines, dry white wines, silky rosé and sparkling champagne

Wine is a very special beverage. Because it breaths history. With every sip, the wine taster commits to being a gourmet and enjoying the finer things in life. Our wine list includes a wide choice of Austrian quality wines as well as fine wines from the best wine regions in the world. Send your taste buds on a gourmet journey with a glass of fine wine.

Relax together in Witti’s Bar

In good company, fine wine tastes twice as good. After dinner, pop into our hotel bar and end the evening in a casual ambience and in good company. In the relaxed setting of Witti’s Bar you’ll feel at home right away, making you want to stay for more than just one glass.

We look forward to your visit!